Built for Web Applications

Dynamic Data Models

Read & write to/from XLSX files and Google Sheets®

Read & write to/from MySQL®, MSSQLServer® and PostgreSQL®

Map DB data to Spreadsheet ranges, resulting in a dynamically connected Spreadsheet model.

Surveys & Maps

Design, export & embed Mapbox Maps, connected to live spreadsheets, db's, and other data sources.

Embed and customize with code.
Once your map is embedded, you still have complete control of the Mapbox GLJS API.

Secure, 0 Install

Everything over SSL

Anything we store is always encrypted at rest and transferred over HTTPS.

Manage Approved Domains

Use your own Mapbox® token, Google® credentials as well as password-protected XLSX files.


Use Spreadsheets & DB queries as dynamic JSON data sources
Explicitly control read/write data ranges. Spreadsheets auto-calculate behind the scenes, providing real-time formula and data results.
Administer connections via our Designer and/or API.
More on Spreadsheets & Databases


Create embeddable maps and data layers, connected to our data sources plus TSV, CSV and GeoJSON.
Create database and spreadsheet-connected JavaScript data layers and receive the data as GeoJSON.
Design, embed and override. Embed maps in your applications, and gain direct access to the Mapbox GLJS API.
More on Maps


Create and Embed Surveys, Collect and Visualize Results.
Use our designer and API to administer surveys and analyze results.
More on Surveys


Throughout our REST API & Designer, we've included developer-friendly features such as copy & paste templates and a Sandbox UI where you can test services without writing code.
Intuitive and Well-Documented
Use our Visual Designer to manage spreadsheet & database connections and create REST Services. Additionally, you can use our API to perform all of the tasks found in the Designer.
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