Small team. Huge output.

Our focus is always on finding the best people and companies to work with, to push our potential. We strive to be an enjoyable place to work at, as well as an enjoyable team to work with.

We've taken our hard-won experience with integrating data into web apps over the years and applied it in a thoughtful manner, to help developers bypass the traditional complexities of communicating with spreadsheets and databases. We've created a unified API, in that regardless of the Spreadsheet source, whether it be Google Sheets® or XLSX files, the REST service calls for getting and setting data, all function the same way. The same applies to database connections as well as mixed-data (spreadsheet + database data) models. Since we're developer-owned and operated, we thrive on simplifying pain points for our fellow software developers.

We highly value our customers.

Our customers are made up of Enterprises, Small Businesses and independent Developers. We proudly serve, value and learn from them all. Our customers are what have made us great, by helping us to evolve our functionality over time. We value customer feedback and are absolutely dedicated to customer service.