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We're thrilled to release our first public version of CloudCulate API & Designer. Check out our press release on ProgrammableWeb. Sign up for a free trial and evaluate all features.

Manage REST Services Screen in CloudCulate Designer

There are plenty of ways to connect to Spreadsheets. DIY routes all require research, testing, infrastructure considerations & provisioning and support.

What we've created is a powerful REST API that allows you to manage data ins and outs without having to struggle through the DIY process. Better yet, you can use both Google Sheets as well as XLSX files, and the API is consistent for data access using both types.

Eliminating Low-Level Roadblocks

Communicating with Spreadsheets traditionally comes with a lot of considerations and low-level coding, that can often end up as a 1-off solution. What happens when the business requirements change? The answer is usually code changes and a new deployment and testing of your custom-coded solution. This is a problem for more than 2 reasons, but here are 2 below.

  • Your data models should be able to evolve and adapt to business changes without constant changes to core code. Business changes are always coming down the pike.
  • Licensing, support and development staff required to maintain these solutions can end up being a pain point. Why burden developers with maintaining low-level code that requires very specific knowledge? What happens when Google Sheets changes their API?

Ditch the pain points and plug into a flexible REST Service

“Communicating with spreadsheets as dynamic data sources, whether it be Google Sheets or XLSX files, is traditionally a time-consuming, painful, and costly development experience. It's virtually impossible to get by without having to set up some version of your own server environment, not to mention the coding, licensing and maintenance aspects”

We've taken initiative to boil down common functionality, regardless of Spreadsheet type

  • Get and Set Cell, 1 and 2D Range values as JSON

  • Secured access to the API via tokens and domain approvals

  • Make changes to services at the speed of business requirements. Got a new requirement? Head to our Designer and make the changes. We even provide a Sandbox to allow the testing of REST Services directly in our Designer.

Try it out today for free. If you need an extended trial or have any questions, please contact us!

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