v2 is Live!

We're thrilled to release version 2 of CloudCulate API & Designer. Check out our press release on ProgrammableWeb. Sign up for a free trial and evaluate all features.


Database connections, combining spreadsheet data with database data to create dynamic models, UI improvements and surveys!

We've taken our functionality further by adding in support for database connections as well as the ability to create surveys and collect survey responses.

  • Databases! Create database queries and either use them directly or alternatively, map the database query results into your spreadsheets to create models based off of disparate data sources.

  • Surveys! Now you can create survey defitions (sections, questions and answers) and collect survey results in your spreadsheets. We provide embeddable web pages for taking surveys in your apps, and displaying anonymous comparative results across respondents.

  • UI improvements! We've made several improvements to make our Designer easier to use. Notably, we have included a new feature that allows you to browse spreadsheet data visually and bind to a range by clicking and dragging. You can still manually type in addresses like usual.

Database Queries

Database Queries can now be created and used stand-alone. You can also include them in REST Services as data sources. This is a powerful new addition, as it allows for database query results to be mapped to spreadheet range(s), providing a way to stich together any number of disparate data sources.

Create a Query


Include the Query in REST Service


Use the Query as a REST Service's Input Parameter's Source


Create Dynamic, Branded Surveys!

By following our "Survey Definition" and "Survey Responses" spreadsheet format, our API will auto-format your data into a nice JSON structure, allowing you to present dynamic surveys and collect respondent data in your spreadsheets. We provide pre-built embeddable web pages and workflows for taking surveys and viewing results. We also provide an open-source web application (Create React App-based) if more advanced customization is desired.


Bind to data with the UI

You can still type or copy/paste addresses as usual, though now we've also provided a visual way to browse your spreadsheets and select range(s).


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