Designed Secure.
Built for Simplicity.

Companies large and small trust our cloud Designer and API to integrate their data into a wide range of applications. From operational dashboards to ad-hoc analysis tools, our flexible data model provides a flexible way to bring data together even from disparate data sources.

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Throughout our REST API & Designer, we've included developer-friendly features such as copy & paste templates and a Sandbox UI where you can rapidly test services without writing code.
Intuitive and Well-Documented
Use our Visual Designer to manage spreadsheet & database connections and create REST Services. Additionally, you can use our API to perform all of the tasks found in the Designer.
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Create and Manage Spreadsheet Workbooks

Create and Manage REST Services. Define spreadsheets IO, queries IO and get/set data.

Create and Manage Queries.

Manage keys and approved domains.

Code examples and api definitions.


A one-stop-shop for communicating with spreadsheets and databases via REST.


A Simple Yet Powerful REST API & API Designer for Google Sheets®, XLSX Files and a number of popular databases.


Anywhere REST is Supported

Easily Get/Set Spreadsheet Cell and 1D & 2D range data all in one call. You explicitly control Read and Write data ranges.

CRUD Spreadsheet Files

CRUD REST Services

CRUD Database Connections and Queries

Query REST Services

Complete Programmatic Control via REST API


Spreadsheet and Connection Files are Always Encrypted


Use password-protected XLSX files if desired

Must explicitly approve domains via our Designer or API, to communicate with the REST API. All non-approved Domains are automatically rejected before they even reach our Network.

Constantly Monitored, including Audit Log trails on all REST/Spreadsheet/API access


Spreadsheets and Connection Files are Always Encrypted

Blazing Fast Read/Write all over HTTPS. Your data stays in our private, secured Cloud and is only accessible via the API over HTTPs, via approved Domains.

Scalable storage - If you need more, you can always upgrade

Start building in minutes.

Prevent headaches and save money.